CFD: Cad-Sense solutions have a computational science and engineering group, which is involved in numerical modeling and simulations, visualization for different area of engineering applications. We are an evolving team and our expertise is more into turbo-machinery, aerospace and automotive industries. We utilize open source tools and customize the design process as per the project requirement. Our expertise in computational engineering, mechanical and environmental issues play a large role as well. We strive to design and develop products with high accuracy, more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to problems. The world needs more engineers who are willing to tackle hard problems and find clever solutions to them. We are one of those engineers.

cfd Projects:
  • New Product development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Benchmark studies

Services provided by Cad-Sense Solutions:
  • Geometry cleaning
  • Grid generation and optimization
  • Problem formulation and Boundary conditions
  • Solving and Convergence
  • Data processing and Visualization
  • Documentation and Reporting